Over the past 5 years, The Church has held regular Sunday services and Sunday school, Bible Study and Prayer nights, Youth Events, as well as host a handful of guest speakers and preachers from across Canada and the United States.

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The Church building is located 3 1/2 miles outside of Fisher Branch and they are currently looking into buying a new building or renovating the current building.

A Brief history of our pastor

The Church had its humble beginnings as a local prayer group, where a handful of people would meet regularly at each other's homes for praise & worship, prayer and Bible studies. As this group began to grow, they were diligently praying that God would provide a building.

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Abe Plett was born in Belize, Central America and then his family moved to Steinbach, MB while he was still a youngster. After getting married and having three beautiful daughters, Abe and his family moved to Fisher Branch. He felt called to the Ministry and got involved in teaching Sunday school and leading a College and Career Bible study group. He felt called to get involved in a local prayer group, who were praying and asking God for a church.

In September of 2007, they began having services in a small building in town and then moved to the chapel at the local funeral home, where they spent the next year.

A Brief history of the church


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In 2008, The Lord opened up the doors to rent the old Countryside hardware store. God provided help during the renovations and items for inside The Church as well. All of the chairs, musical instruments, dishes, and many other items were donated by various people. Everything that was needed during this time, God provided for.

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